Picnic • July 3, 2016

picnic11:00 am ~ Picnic

We are gathering, prior to eating together, to share our joys and concerns with the traditional chalice lighting and candles. Please bring a dish to share – salad or dessert. Drinks and sandwich fixings will be provided by the Wowzers’ committee.


Yertle the Turtle: Exploring our Roles in Equality • June 26, 2016

11:00 am ~ Yertle the Turtle: Exploring our Roles in Equality

yertleWendy SappThis interactive, multigenerational service will examine the important lessons in Theodore Giesel’s (aka Dr. Seuss) Yertle the Turtle. Through story-telling, video, personal reflection, movement, and sharing, we will explore how we have benefited and suffered from economic and political inequalities and what we can do to encourage change in our world. This service is designed to engage all ages from children to adults.

Presented by Wendy Sapp, a UUCC member.

9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ The American Civil War: Causes and Results

civil_warWith the hardships endured in establishing this great nation, politics and social division caused dire consequences, resulting in a war between the states. A lesson to be learned — as pertinent today as it has ever been, as we review the political divide between Republicans, Democrats, the President and the role of the courts.

Presented by Shelby Kaplan, a Chattanooga native, a Rivermont Presbyterian church member, who served in the US Air Force as a Captain and the 819th Medical Service Corps in Texas. He obtained a BS and MBA at UTC in 1968. Shelby administers retirement benefits for a local logistics firm; he is married with 2 children and 6 grandchildren, and spends a lot of time exploring historical sites in the Tennessee Valley and beyond.


Cvtonuga • Native places • June 19, 2016

11:00 am ~ Cvtonuga · Native places

cvtonogaOur city is built on a different civilization. As with other sites of international conflict, the remnants are few, the reminders are occasional. A look at what remains from the past, and the morality of post-conquest American triumphalism, destruction and Reconstruction.

tom kunesh 2012Art is the means we have of 
undoing the damage of haste. 
– Theodore Roethke

tom kunesh is a UUCC member and has an MA in religion & art history.

9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ On the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

link-christensen-croppedLink Christensen  grew up in Northeastern Ohio to parents who, with the help of others, started the East Shore Unitarian Church, Kirtland, OH. He has been a lifelong Unitarian, conscientious objector, social activist, and businessman. He is married to Lucille York, a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique. They moved to Chattanooga in 2010 to begin Tennessee Awning Co. Politically he considers himself very liberal in social causes and very conservative on financial management. Link has been a member of UUCC for about 3 years.

Gifts of the Crow • June 12, 2016

11:00 am ~ Gifts of the Crow

Cathy HarringtoncrowAccording to John Marzluff and Tony Angell, authors of Gifts of the Crow, these often maligned birds have huge brains that enable them “to think, plan, and reconsider their actions.” They are funny, awe-inspiring and have the ability to act like humans, sharing some of our traits and behaviors such as “language, delinquency, frolic, passion, wrath, risk-taking, and awareness.”

Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington

9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ Community Organizing for a Cause

Highland Park is one of the more socio-economically diverse neighborhoods in Chattanooga.  The crime rate is a little higher, the zoned schools are among the worst in Hamilton County, there is a 20% vacancy rate and families often struggle to survive.  It is a unique neighborhood.

kwPresenter: Khristy Wilkinson is an active civic volunteer and stay at home mom.  She lives in Highland Park with her husband and two young boys.  She has a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Wayne State University and has worked in Higher Education for over a decade.  In 2015 she graduated from Neighborhood University, a program aimed at strengthening Chattanooga’s neighborhood leaders.  She now serves as vice-president of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association.

UU 101: A Brief History of Unitarian Universalism • June 5, 2016

11:00 am ~ UU 101: A Brief History of Unitarian Universalism

Cathy HarringtonToo often, people assume the Unitarian Universalism is a New Age religion or not a religion at all! How do you answer when someone asks, What do UU’s believe? or Just what kind of church is this anyway if you don’t believe in the Bible or Jesus? Do you believe in God?

uu_flameAs Barbara Meredith says, “Unitarian Universalists have said for centuries that there is room in our religion for all seekers. Skeptics and poets and scientists are welcome here, as nonconformists and shy and uncertain folk.  We believe that restlessness and doubts are a sign of grace, that the love of truth is the holiest of gifts.”

Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington

9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ The Curious Case of the Slot & Tab Tombs of Northeast Georgia: A Visual Tour

0629tombs3The Dahlonega-Cleveland, Georgia area is home to a unique burial marker style that resembles neolithic dolmens and modern mid eastern tomb stones. Visiting these puzzles in rural Appalachian cemeteries makes for a perfect summer day-trip, even virtually.

Presenter: While looking for the origins of UTC’s former mascot ‘Chief Wahoo’, tom kunesh came across these still-standing grave artifacts of Georgia’s second generation of white settlers. kunesh has an MA in religion & art history.