Learning to Sit: My Experience with Zazen in Japan • August 21, 2016

11:00 am ~ Learning to Sit:  My Experience with Zazen in Japan


Our speaker, Kimberly Mathis, is a Masters-level Marriage & Family Therapist in Chattanooga and member of UUCC. She has a BS in Psychology from UTC, and an MA in Counseling from East Tennessee State University.

Before moving back to Chattanooga, Kimberly and her two daughters lived in Japan from 2012-2014, and fell in love with Buddhism, temple life, and zazen (sitting meditation). She became close friends with priests and monks, participated in monthly Zazen sessions at temples, and founded monthly classes on Buddhism at temples for foreigners and military families. She will speak about her experiences in Japan, and how developing a zazen practice deepened her spiritual experience.

9:30 am ~ Tech Forum: Google Drive – online Docs, Spreadsheets, Drawings and Slides


Learn how to use Google Drive and Google docs, spreadsheets, drawings and slides so you can work collaboratively with others.

Bully-Free Tennessee • August 7, 2016

11:00 am ~ Bully-Free Tennessee

stop_bullyingbroockmanBullying is currently affecting 1 out of every 4 students, and Tennessee ranks 6th worst state for it. Problems caused by bullying include anxiety, depression, skipping class, alcohol and drug abuse, even suicide (last year 4 East TN students committed suicide due to bullying). Miss East Tennessee Ashley Broockman’s goal is to raise awareness on the negative effects of bullying, reinforce the need for action, and provide a way for students to address the problem too.

Speaker: Ashley Broockman, Miss East Tennessee and a UTC graduate

9:30 am ~ Tech Forum: Wi-fi and bluetooth

WiFi_BluetoothBring your questions about using wi-fi and bluetooth.

In Honor of Teachers • July 31, 2016

11:00 am ~ In Honor of Teachers
(With a special tribute to Fred Arnold, teacher, mentor, and master of puppet theatre.)

fredThis interactive, multigenerations service will explore the affects of positive interactions that we have with each other, how we learn from each other especially those that become our teachers. We will honor the creative genius of Fred Arnold.

colleen_puppetsPuppets from the show, The Blue Bird will be displayed and used to tell the story of our search for happiness. Beloved by our congregation, Nancy Lane Wright’s voice will be featured as the voice of “light”who serves as the children’s guide on their journey in search of the BlueBird of happiness.

Presenters: the Skwalking Heads Productions, comprised of story teller Colleen Laliberte, dancer and choreographer Jessica Laliberte-Bowman, and mime Jerry Bowman.

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Searching for Energy Justice • August 28, 2016

11:00 am ~ Searching for Energy Justice

chernobylIn 1986, a nuclear explosion and fire took place in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Disturbing impacts are still being felt in several environmental and human arenas today. During this service, hear the words of those who were there and how it still affects our world today. Do we have a moral responsibility to work for energy justice? If so, what can be done?

Sandy Kurtz, our presenter, is a UUCC member. She has long been active in education at local, state and Federal levels bringing awareness and action to environmental issues including nuclear energy. She led the Green Sanctuary Initiative resulting in denominational accreditation and most recently the drive to install solar panels on our roof.

9:30 am ~ Interviewing Our Senior Members

Join Nicky Ozbek and Rich Dwyer as they interview Martha Berry, Buck O’Rear, Fred Wright, Maureen Olin, Chris Tregaskis, and Monique Lewis. This is the last in a summer series where interviews have been conducted with our senior UUCC members, recording history and their perspectives.

Cancer + Humor • August 14, 2016

11:00 am ~ Cancer + Humor

KarenMillsKaren Mills was a UTC Lady Moc. In fact, she was the first, division 1 first team All-American in UTC’s history. She was the first UTC athlete to earn that distinction in any sport, male or female. Her #12 uniform was retired and she became the first female inducted into UTC’s basketball Hall of Fame.

Everyone predicted she would be a basketball coach. She became a comedian instead.

When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she brought humor as one her cancer fighting tools. Turning her pain in to punchlines, she now speaks across the country and has been hailed for her ability to bring humor and light to difficult topics.

Quoting Norman Cousins, “Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.”

Speaker: Karen Mills

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SAVE THE DATE! 60’s Party & Auction – 23 september

VW hippy busDust off your bell bottoms and throw on your love beads ’cause it’s time to get your groove on!
Join us on Friday, September 23 for food, music, fun, and to raise money for UUCC.

Doors open with Silent Auction starting at 6:30 pm
Live auction at 8 pm, & Dancing at 8:15 pm

  • Some services already donated to the auction include:
    • Dinner on the deck, featuring fresh Alaskan grilled salmon
    accompanied with select wines and a dessert of homemade bananas flambé!
    • Chattanooga Aquarium “Behind the scenes guided tour”.
    • Round trip Limousine service to the Chattanooga airport
    or any other area destination.
    • Vacation condo rental for the entire week.
    • Sunset sailboat dinner cruise on Lake Chickamauga.
    • 2 hours of instructional garden planning.
    • Unique hand-made jewelry from local artists.
    • Farm Fresh eggs for 20 weeks.
    …and lots more!
  • This is an important fund-raising event for the church, so we encourage your participation and support.
    To get involved please contact Bill Derrickson (bill.derrickson2014@gmail.com) or our church administrator Chris Tregaskis at 624-2985 (office@uucc.org.)
  • Don’t miss this very special evening on Friday, September 23 at 6:30!