Start with the Heart • sunday 19 october 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ musicCathy Harrington

11:00 Service ~  Start with the Heart:
In the peace process the negotiator must help the parties define the problem so that they both recognize a dream or interest in common. Negotiation has been described as “a shared effort to solve a problem,” or in other words, common ground. One small success can pave the way for future negotiations making a peaceful solution possible where it once seemed impossible. Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington.

9:30 Forum ~ unknown.

9:30 First Hour ~ Common Read: Reclaiming Prophetic Witness: Liberal Religion in the Public Square, by Paul Rasor (books available)




Difficult Conversations: Religion, Abortion & Justice • sunday 12 october 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns
10:45 Gathering ~ musicKatie Garcia of Healthy & Free Tennessee

11:00 ServiceKatie Garcia of Healthy & Free Tennessee will talk about religion, abortion, sexuality and justice, and their significance in the upcoming general election.

9:30 ForumWhat is Amendment 1 and What Does It Mean? 
~ led by local activists Katy Garcia of Healthy & Free Tennessee, Lauren Kramer of Choice Chattanooga & Danielle Walker of Vote No on 1 TN

9:30 First Hour ~ Meditation




Holy Heresy • sunday 5 october 2014

10:45 Connections ~ sharing joys and concerns (downstairs in the Fahs room)
10:45 Gathering ~ musicCathy Harrington

11:00 Service“The place where we meet to seek the highest is holy ground.” ~ Felix Adler.  The Rochester UU Church describes itself on their website as “A place of healing, hope, and occasional heresy.” Heresy is derived from the Latin word haeresis which means “to choose.”  Ours is a “chosen faith.”  Heresy is often necessary in the cultivation of hope and healing.  Our minister Cathy Harrington leads today’s service.

9:30 Forum ~ Cashflow Projection Algorithms: on the logical process that has to be contained in any computer program in order for the computer to carry out the task, led by UUCC member John Beck.

9:30 First Hour ~ Pagan Group