Free to Be!

UU Kids

Led by children and youth from our Sprouts and Medievals classes, this service celebrates the unique beauty in each of us. All are invited and encouraged to come in costume. Not in the mood to go all out?  Wear one thing that reflects your innermost self. Maybe a bike helmet? A pair of gardening gloves? Purple platform heels?


We moved to Chattanooga only after we attended several Sunday services and met some of the folks who attend UUCC. We felt such a friendly vibe that we knew we'd make friends. We moved in 2014, became members in 2015 & 2016, and have found "beloved community". UUCC made our move to Chattanooga one of the best things we've ever done.

Small Group Ministry (or SGM) is just that... small, i.e. intimate, quiet, sharing,---group.. close knit, patient, attentive, really listens, and ministry... good things happen as a result... inward and outward.. for ourselves, our community, and the entire UNIVERSE, and beyond of course!