A Day of Remembrance • sunday 24 may 2015

11:00 Service ~ A Day of Remembrance

Cathy Harringtonpoppy150wWe pause to honor the silences of the world; to remember our loved ones who are no longer with us and to pay homage to those who have died in service to our nation. We also pause to honor those who have touched our lives, inspired us to say, “yes” to life, and illumined our path.

Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington

9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ “ To Be Determined

Celebration Sunday • sunday 17 may 2015

11:00 Service ~ Celebration Sunday

Cathy Harringtonfireworks_resizedAn intergenerational service for celebrating our gifts, for welcoming new members, and for honoring our religious education teachers.

Speaker: our minister Cathy Harrington


9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ “Move to Amend

mta-logo-squareMove to Amend  is a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to social and economic justice. They are calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to unequivocally state that:

  1. Inalienable Constitutional rights belong only to human beings, and
  2. Money is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment, and can be regulated in political campaigns.

Speaker: Judith Pedersen-Benn

Bloom & Grow • sunday 3 may 2015

11:00 Service ~ Bloom & Grow

diversity-tree_resizedgroup of multiracial young students huddled togetherJoin our UU Teens for this multigenerational service as they celebrate the power of friendship and community. In addition, there will be a special bridging ceremony for our graduating seniors.

Speaker: UU Teens

9:30 Forum  (downstairs) ~ Social Justice in Chattanooga

Perrin LancePerrin Lance is the Executive Director and is one of the original co-founders of Chattanooga Organized for Action (COA), along with Megan Hollenbeck and Chris Brooks.

Speaker: Perrin Lance

Developmental Goals for UUCC 2014-

A. Identity, Vision and Mission.
Who do we say we are, to ourselves and to the world? How do we express the unity that binds us despite our humanistic and spiritualist differences?

B. Covenant and Safe Community Policy.
What are the standards for the relationships we want to have with one another? How shall we respond when behavior violates these standards?

C. Member Engagement.
How do we build a larger core of active members? Are there programming changes that will help? How do we identify and build the next generation of church leaders? How do we build a financial stewardship tradition that will sustain the church?

D. Governance.
How do we extricate our Board of Trustees from the ever-flowing nitty-gritty of ministerial decision making to create time for governance and strategic thinking? How do we develop policies that will make our decision making more consistent?

E. Better Communication.
What procedures and habits must we build to make decision-making as transparent as possible and build trust within the community? How do we do a better job of telling our story to the larger community?

the nUUsletter • december 2014 p3