In Honor of Teachers • July 31, 2016

11:00 am ~ In Honor of Teachers
(With a special tribute to Fred Arnold, teacher, mentor, and master of puppet theatre.)

fredThis interactive, multigenerations service will explore the affects of positive interactions that we have with each other, how we learn from each other especially those that become our teachers. We will honor the creative genius of Fred Arnold.

colleen_puppetsPuppets from the show, The Blue Bird will be displayed and used to tell the story of our search for happiness. Beloved by our congregation, Nancy Lane Wright’s voice will be featured as the voice of “light”who serves as the children’s guide on their journey in search of the BlueBird of happiness.

Presenters: the Skwalking Heads Productions, comprised of story teller Colleen Laliberte, dancer and choreographer Jessica Laliberte-Bowman, and mime Jerry Bowman.

Forum is on hiatus for the summer. See you in September!

Understanding White Privilege • July 10, 2016

11:00 am ~ Understanding White Privilege

white_privilegeWhite privilege is extremely difficult to talk about because many white people don’t feel powerful or as if they have privileges others do not. In this service, we will explore white privilege, how we can become conscious of it and live differently.



Presented by Pam Johnson, a UUCC member.



9:30 Tech Forum  (downstairs) ~ Computer Security (EPBFI Kaspersky, Comcast Norton)

comp_securityThe Forum Room will stay busy this summer, during Forum hiatus…

Starting on Sunday, July 10 at 9:30 am in the Forum room, tom kunesh, UUCC member, and the Communications Committee will offer “Tech Forum” to help you with questions and concerns about your digital tools.

tom kunesh 2012Bring your questions and concerns, and enjoy a coffee and a morning treat while you learn.

If there is enough interest, the Communications Committee plans to expand this to the rest of the year, possibly monthly on Sunday, after service.


Picnic • July 3, 2016

picnic11:00 am ~ Picnic

We are gathering, prior to eating together, to share our joys and concerns with the traditional chalice lighting and candles. Please bring a dish to share – salad or dessert. Drinks and sandwich fixings will be provided by the Wowzers’ committee.