Pre-Labor Day Potluck Picnic • sunday 31 august 2014

July watermelon, still life by Kay Smith 201411:00 Picnic  ~ Cathy HarringtonJoin us for our annual picnic as we celebrate our labors! Our new developmental minister Cathy Harrington will be joining us – a great time for informal introductions. Please bring a dish to share as we gather in community.

Also, please bring your own plate, cup & ware, if possible, to help us keep unnecessary added waste out of our landfills.  And if anyone wants to bring any outdoor games, it would be a great addition for the big & little kids. Sponsored by the UUCC Board of Trustees.

Sewing Hope • sunday 24 august 2014

Nancy Henderson10:45 Connections  ~ a time for personal sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service  ~ Local author Nancy Henderson will talk about her new book Sewing Hope, a biography of Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, director of the Saint Monica Girls’ Tailoring Centre in Gulu, northern Uganda, who gives hope to more than 2,000 young women formerly abducted by warlord Joseph Kony and The Lord’s Resistance Army in east Africa, by teaching them how to sustain themselves and their children through tailoring, catering and crafting aluminum pop tabs into designer purses.

Rosemary NyirumbeThe brutal 20-year genocide in northern Uganda has ended, but the emotional pain of the young women who were abducted, raped, tortured and, in some cases, forced to murder their own family members, is far from over. Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe  has spoken about the Nigerian kidnappings in numerous international media outlets, and was recently named one of Time magazine’s 2014 “Most Influential People in the World.”

Henderson writes about people who make a difference through their work. Her first book, Able!, chronicles the story of Habitat International, a global rug manufacturer that has served as a corporate role model for hiring people with disabilities. She has written for Parade, Smithsonian and many other publications.

Copies of Nyirumbe’s biography Sewing Hope will be for sale after the service for $20 (cash or check only), with all proceeds going to help the young women at St Monica’s Girls Tailoring Center in Gulu, Uganda.

Morality & Ethics in the Legislature • sunday 10 august 2014

JoAnne Favors, TN Rep.10:45 Connections  ~ a time for personal sharing joys & concerns
10:55 Gathering ~ music

11:00 Service  ~ : State Representative JoAnne Favors, representing a large part of Chattanooga in the Tennessee House, will speak on the moral and ethical issues facing the legislature in 2015. Favors is a registered nurse and served on the Hamilton County commission 1998 – 2005.