UUCC has started another season of Small Group Ministry (SGM) from October 2016 – May 2017. This will be the seventh year, and this season, we invite you to see SGM in a new way.

We all strive to incorporate mindfulness into our lives, and know the benefit of being fully present. But, how often are we able to do that when listening to others? As human beings, it is our nature to be listening with half our brains, and contemplating our immediate response with the other half, often not fully hearing what someone is offering. What if we could enter into practicing a discipline of true presence?

Life Coach Heather Plett offers this:

“Intentional silence is one of the most important principles of holding space. To hold space for other people (and for ourselves) we have to know when to speak and when to remain silent. When our egos get in the way, we want to offer advice, improve on someone’s story, control the outcome, or at least let people know how smart we are. All of those things are detrimental to the process of holding space. They draw attention away from the person you’re holding space for and draw it toward yourself.”

What is SGM?

In SGM, we share deeply and listen intentionally on a variety of topics, without the need to prove a point, or give advice. In doing so, we are able to allow ourselves and others to be heard. It is a spiritual/mindfulness discipline we all need to practice.

How often do we meet?

Groups meet either once or twice a month from October thru May. Each group also participates in two service projects, one for the church, and one for the greater community, further strengthening bonds among its members.

Where and when do we meet?

Most of the time we meet at UUCC. There are several Small Groups this 2016 – 2017 season. Some meet twice a month, during the day or evening, and one meets once a month, in the evening. You’ll find that we strive to have several groups meeting at different times, to accommodate different schedules.

What is my commitment?

When you sign up for SGM, you are committing to making it a priority to attend every meeting. You commit to being fully present, to listening with intent, and to sharing your deeper stories.

Could you use a time to set aside for yourself to practice mindfulness? A time to be authentically you, without judgement? A time to form strong bonds with fellow church members? Then, SGM may be just what you are looking for.

If you have further questions about Small Group Ministry, please email sgm@uucc.org.

We hope you will consider joining us.

“Silence is a place in which your restless minds, internal chatter, and fragmented attention can find the stillness you need to listen well.” —David Drake